Barrier Pressfit19kN Jaws

GMUP1 25mm Hybrid Press Fit Straight Coupler

STÖRNCH HybridBarrier Press System

Combining the benefits of both plastic and metal pipes, STÖRNCH barrier pipe is a composite pipe comprised of 5 layers. It has an aluminium pipe at its core, with an inner and outer layer of high temperature resistant polyethylene. All layers are permanently bonded together by means of an intermediate adhesive layer. A special welding technique guarantees maximum safety.

The patented system means joints can be made literally in seconds, and eliminates the need for complex practices like welding and soldering. The basis of the system is simple, safe and fast pipe installation.

STÖRNCH Hybrid Barrier Press Fit Jaws

JAWS AVAILABLE: 25mm, 32mm & 40mm

STÖRNCH Hybrid Barrier Press Fittings

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